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Welcome to Dramaddix Ink & Laser Lounge

Laser Hair Removal in  Las Vegas, NV

Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, our lounge represents more than just treatments; it's a haven where beauty meets passion and every client is cherished as family. Founded by Alexis Sweet, our journey began as a loving tribute to family, inspired by her son Maddix's spirited charm. With over 300 satisfied clients and a reputation built on trust and impeccable service, our mission goes beyond skin deep. At Dramaddix, we believe in celebrating individuality, offering personalized treatments tailored to enhance your unique beauty. Whether you're seeking the transformative touch of Scalp Micropigmentation or the rejuvenating allure of Skin Lightening, our dedicated team ensures you feel pampered, valued, and radiant.

Embrace an experience where professional expertise meets warm, family-oriented care. Let us guide you on your path to feeling confident, refreshed, and truly seen. Welcome to our family.
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Ink & Laser Services
Our suite of personalized treatments designed to unveil your unique glow and invigorate your spirit.

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Crafting Beauty, Cultivating Bonds.

Why Choose Dramaddix Ink and Laser Lounge?

At Dramaddix Ink and Laser Lounge, we believe that true beauty emerges when expertise meets individuality. Our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional treatments; it's about building lasting relationships, understanding your unique needs, and creating an environment where you feel valued, understood, and cared for. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll sense the difference—a fusion of professional dedication, cutting-edge techniques, and a personal touch that sets us apart. Here's why so many trust and choose us:

• Family First Approach
Inspired by the bond between Alexis and Maddix, our lounge is more than just a service provider. Every client stepping into our domain is embraced as a part of our extended family.

• Expertise and Dedication
Alexis's commitment and the team's unparalleled expertise ensure you receive the best treatments. Whether it's the intricate art of Scalp Micropigmentation or the delicate process of Lip Blushing, we bring excellence to every touch.

• Personalized Treatments
Recognizing that every individual is unique, our treatments are tailored to resonate with your specific needs, ensuring outcomes that feel truly yours.

• Glowing Testimonials
Our reputation is built on trust. With over 300 satisfied clients, glowing reviews on social platforms, and a stream of referrals, our work speaks for itself.

• Safe and Cutting-Edge Techniques
We invest in the latest technology and continuously update our skills, guaranteeing safe procedures and state-of-the-art treatments.
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Customer Reviews

"Alexis is Amazing, professional, and outstanding with what she does!
I'm definitely going back and will be getting more done with her at Dramaddix. I got skin lightening done to sensitive areas and didn't experience any pain or discomfort. And definitely see a difference in the color after the first session even my husband said so!!!!!"
— Kaiulani N.
Alison erickson zt8iknfhk54 unsplash
BEST DECISION EVER! Waited and made excuses to not get laser treatment due to my fear of pain etc…. But Alexis made me feel so comfortable which is why I finally got it done. Not only in 1 spot but multiple & has been nothing but amazing. Not only is she kind, she is flexible and accommodating to your comfort. Highly recommend Dramaddix Ink and Laser Lounge
— Jessica H.
Brittani burns vstbaaaujry unsplash
" If you're looking for excellent customer service, an awesome experience, laughs and a good time while getting laser hair removal Alexis is your girl to see!! Alexis is amazing! I honestly will NEVER go anywhere else for laser hair removal. She listens, makes sure she does exactly what I want and is very thorough. I have gone months without any hair, not one single hair has grown back yet! It's worth the money! GO SEE ALEXIS! You will not regret it!!"
— Christina Z.

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